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Time To Be The Change


Well, here we are.  It has been a week since the election. It’s been a week since many of us feel that life as we know it has changed.  I think at this point the shock is starting to wear off.  I think the anger is starting to give way to thoughtfulness and ideas on how to make changes in our country.  But we still have a long road.

I won’t lie.  When I found out that he had won the next morning, I cried.  I cried for myself and other women who may have their reproductive rights  put in jeopardy.

I cried for my girls because I am afraid that men who look up to him will now feel they have a free pass to touch any female they want.

I cried for those he feels should be forced out of the country that for many is the only home they have ever known.  And for those he feels should be banned from ever setting foot here.

I cried for those who are atheist/agnostic who may now have religion forced on them in places where they should feel safe.

I cried for those who have been victims of or have lost loved ones to gun violence because there is no way that the people in the pockets of the NRA will bring forth any change to gun laws.

I cried for the LGBT community who fear that their rights may be taken away.

I cried for our country because it feels like we have been set back at least 50 years, if not more.

But I’m not crying anymore.  I’m angry at the choices he has made already and the backlash the election has caused. Now it’s time to take action.  And it can even be something little…paying it forward in a drive-thru.  Or letting someone who may be targeted know you are on their side.  Or making a donation to Planned Parenthood. Or reminding your girls that they can shatter the glass ceiling and that no male ever has a right to lay a hand on them if they do not want them to.   And in the longer run, VOTE.  Vote in every election. Change who our politicians are.  If you’re so inclined, run for office. Every little bit HELPS.

Although the  origin of this quote is disputed, I feel it’s extremely appropriate.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And there is no time like now.


I’m With Her


I know I haven’t blogged in a while I have had this post typed up and ready to post on FB today for quite some time now.  So, I thought it was an appropriate way to get back to my blog.

Even though today is Election Day, I already voted early via mail.  I voted for Hillary because to me, she was always the clear cut choice for me.

I’m with her because my parents raised me not to discriminate.  They welcomed ALL of our friends into their home regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.  My mom taught immigrants from all over the world.  She taught them English and helped them get their GED. What Trump has said about minorities and Immigrants is just horrible.  That is not what this country is about nor what it was founded on.

I’m with her because growing up my cousins worked with special needs kids and adults.  It was not unusual for them to be invited to my Nana’s on Sunday for a cookout.  They are people like you and me and deserve to be treated as such. How Trump mocked that disabled reported is DISGUSTING.

I’m with her because I have friends who are gay and bisexual and I have friends whose children are transgender.  Hillary is a true ally.  The same cannot be said for Trump or many Republican candidates.  Because of them, the LGBTQ community still lives in fear.

I’m with her because my family is atheist/agnostic.  This country was founded on religious freedom and the separation of church and state. My daughter should be able to leave the “Under God” out of the Pledge without being ridiculed or attacked.  She should be able to say she does not believe in God or go to church without being shoved, while on a staircase, by a “friend.”  Republicans are trying to insert religion into government and schools where they do not belong.

I’m with her because I have had 4 miscarriages, one being late enough to require delivery.  Hillary gets it about abortion and women’s reproductive rights.  She gets that our bodies are ours and the decisions should be ours.  Trump and Republicans think they should be able to regulate our bodies and force us to carry a sick or dead child to term or even worse, force us to bury our underdeveloped fetus or fetal tissue.  They care nothing about what that would do to a woman and her family.

I’m with her because I am from CT where Sandy Hook happened and I live in Orlando where Pulse happened.  I support the 2nd Amendment but it needs to be changed and updated.  Trump and the Republicans are firmly in the NRA’s pocket and continue to spread the false idea what Hillary will take their guns and leave them with no good options.  They said the same about Obama.  Guess what?  They all still have their guns.

I could probably go on all day but I will end with the 2 most important reasons I’m with her…L and A.  I want them to grow up knowing they can do and be anything.  I want them to know that they should be valued as a woman and a person and not an object. I want them to know they should be RESPECTED.  Donald Trump has gone on the record saying he cannot say he respects women.  He thinks it’s OK to touch, kiss and grab women without their permission.  I hope my daughters never encounter that but I will provide them with what to do if they are faced with it.  I am with her for their future and a future with her as our leader is the only one that makes sense to me.  #Imwithher