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Time To Be The Change


Well, here we are.  It has been a week since the election. It’s been a week since many of us feel that life as we know it has changed.  I think at this point the shock is starting to wear off.  I think the anger is starting to give way to thoughtfulness and ideas on how to make changes in our country.  But we still have a long road.

I won’t lie.  When I found out that he had won the next morning, I cried.  I cried for myself and other women who may have their reproductive rights  put in jeopardy.

I cried for my girls because I am afraid that men who look up to him will now feel they have a free pass to touch any female they want.

I cried for those he feels should be forced out of the country that for many is the only home they have ever known.  And for those he feels should be banned from ever setting foot here.

I cried for those who are atheist/agnostic who may now have religion forced on them in places where they should feel safe.

I cried for those who have been victims of or have lost loved ones to gun violence because there is no way that the people in the pockets of the NRA will bring forth any change to gun laws.

I cried for the LGBT community who fear that their rights may be taken away.

I cried for our country because it feels like we have been set back at least 50 years, if not more.

But I’m not crying anymore.  I’m angry at the choices he has made already and the backlash the election has caused. Now it’s time to take action.  And it can even be something little…paying it forward in a drive-thru.  Or letting someone who may be targeted know you are on their side.  Or making a donation to Planned Parenthood. Or reminding your girls that they can shatter the glass ceiling and that no male ever has a right to lay a hand on them if they do not want them to.   And in the longer run, VOTE.  Vote in every election. Change who our politicians are.  If you’re so inclined, run for office. Every little bit HELPS.

Although the  origin of this quote is disputed, I feel it’s extremely appropriate.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And there is no time like now.


Fighting For Equal Rights


I try to stay away from posting anything political on here but something happened yesterday that has prompted me to write about gay rights and doing your homewok before voting.

I was raised to accept everyone.  My parents opened their home to all of our friends regardless of race, ethnicity, etc.  I’ll admit, I didn’t really know any gay people growing up or at least, not anyone I KNEW was gay.  Obviously, this is not the case anymore and honestly, it’s not even something I think about.  My friends are my friends regardless of their sexual orientation…it just doesn’t MATTER to me.  I will never be able to fathom why ANYONE would think a gay couple should have different rights that a heterosexual one.  It just boggles my mind.

Yesterday, a friend posted this video on Facebook (And can I say that I LOVE this guy!).  After she posted it, a friend of hers pretty much said he didn’t understand the point of adding gays to the list of minorities that cannot be discriminated against because “everyone is protected from discrimination already, why is adding more words to specify another group necessary?”  The fact that he even had to ask that question kind of scared me.  So he and I went back and forth a bit about it and we were both polite about it.  My friend let me know privately that this guy is a strict Republican which I had already pretty much figured out.  My friend jumped in a bit too even though she said she knew better and then the conversation took a turn toward gay marriage.  This guy actually asked what rights gay couples don’t have that married, heterosexual couples do.  I…WAS….SPEECHLESS.  And so was my friend who said her head pretty much exploded at that point.  So, we enlisted the help of a mutual friend who is a lesbian.  We knew if anyone could put this guy in his place, she could.  And she did.  She gave him just SOME of the rights she and her partner do not have because they are gay.  Not to be outdone, the assclown asked her what SHE was doing to change any of this.  Again, I kind of had to hold back myself..  Nothing bugs me more than people who assume that someone is all talk and no action.  And he couldn’t be more wrong about my friend…she is PASSIONATE about gay rights and she isn’t the type to just sit by and wait for things to happen…she’s a DOER.  So, she let him know exactly what she has been doing in her fight for equal rights and I can guarantee it’s more than this guy is doing for anything he believes in.  I could hear several people applauding her at their computers and so far, that has been the end of the conversation but I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back.

But, this whole thing makes me wonder about some people in our country.  As my lesbian friend pointed out, if HE had to ask what rights gay couples don’t have, that means there are A LOT more people out there who also don’t know and that’s scary.  These are the people who are voting and if they don’t know what rights a certain group DON’T have, how can they make an informed decision?  And what is even scarier is that many of these people don’t care to LEARN.  They listen to their candidate and just blindly follow without researching whether or not what said candidate wants is fair or even makes sense.

So PLEASE, if you plan to vote, do your homework.  Don’t be a blind follower.  Look into your candidate’s position on things, check any of the numerous, unbiased fact checking sites and make an INFORMED decision.  Our future and the future of our children depends on it.


My Heart Is With Aurora


Yes, it seems I’m a bit later than most in posting about this subject.  But, when faced with an incident like this, I need time to process it and get my thoughts together.  If I don’t, my post would only be angry spewing and ranting and no one wants that!
When B came in on Friday morning to tell me there had been a shooting during the premiere for “The Dark Knight Rises,” I was half asleep.  It wasn’t until I grabbed my phone and began to check Facebook and Twitter that the magnitude of what happened hit me.
When you find out about something like this, you go through a whole range of emotions.  I was sad, then angry and then I asked what I am sure everyone else has asked, “WHY?”  I’m not sure we’ll ever have a clear reason why.  And I go back and forth between believing the shooter is mentally ill and believing he is an extremely intelligent individual who would just like us all to BELIEVE he is mentally ill.  Naturally, as soon as this happened, calls for tighter gun laws went out.  I am not here to get into a debate about that.  What I do want to point out is that hardly anyone ever points out that what really may be needed is better and more easily obtainable mental healthcare in this country.  It would also help to try to break down the stigmas associated with mental illness (something we at Band Back Together are working to do) so that people wouldn’t feel as ashamed about asking for or getting the help they need.  I will say that I am seeing more calls for better mental health care but still not enough.  Maybe if and when we decide to work on this issue, incidents like this one will become fewer and further between.
And just when the initial shock of this whole thing started to wear off, I learned something that made my blood boil.  I learned that a certain religious organization (who I will not give the satisfaction of naming) was threatening to “super picket” a prayer vigil for the Aurora victims.  They were tweeting things about God sending the shooter and thanking God for the shooter.  Immediately people put out a call for volunteers to make a human wall if they showed up.  These nutjobs responded that they would conquer any wall just as they had at a military funeral a few days earlier.  Only, when you looked into it, they didn’t conquer anything.  A small group of them showed up but they were unable to get past the wall of supporters so the slunk away like the snakes that they are.  And, thankfully, in the end, they didn’t show up in Aurora either.
I will never understand the hatred of a group like this.  I was raised Catholic but now consider myself agnostic.  I have no issue with religion as long as it’s not being shoved down my (or my children’s) throats.  Heck, I like a good theological discussion as much as the next person (and I had a good one with a friend just this past weekend).  But these people twist the Bible to back up their hateful beliefs and it gives GOOD Christians a bad name.  The last thing ANYONE needs after an incident like this one is hate being spread as people are trying to make sense and mourn.  And I am willing to bet a day will come when this group will REALLY piss someone off and the end result will NOT be pretty.
My heart and thoughts are with the people of Aurora, the victims and their families.  I wish them peace as they journey toward healing.  And I leave you with this picture by CarlyMarie.  I think it says it all.