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My (LATE) Goals For 2012 Post


weiYeah, I know, I’m really late on this.  First it was because my daughter didn’t go back to school until the 9th.  Then I got caught up in my duties with The Band.  On that front, I had to ask for some help and luckily, I was granted even more than I expected so, now I have more time to blog.

I am going to start by saying that I don’t like the word “resolution.”  I like the word “goal” better, so that is what I’m going to use.  I started thinking about my goals for the New Year Back in October and I think I have a decent list of OBTAINABLE (that’s KEY) goals to reach.

My first goal is to set SMALL goals that lead to bigger goals.  I have learned that if I am overwhelmed with a goal, whether it be weight loss, blogging, etc., I get frustrated and give up.  So now I am going to start breaking my big goals up into little chunks and go from there.

My first goal will help me head to my ultimate goal of losing weight is to buy Proven.  My end goal is to lose 50 pounds this year (about a pound a week).  The first small goal is to get my eating back on track.  I was doing so well in the fall and then we had guests and then the holidays came.  Now that all that is over, I need to retrain myself and I am off to a good start.  I am planning a menu every week and sticking to it.  I am buying ONLY what I need and nothing extra (which will help toward another goal).

Once I get my eating back on track, I will get back into exercising.  I was doing the Couch to 5k Plan in the fall and I may go back to it.  Or I may start a new plan of walking and running sprints.  I need to decide.  But either way, I need to TRY to exercise for 150 minutes per week, per my doctor.  You see, when I went for my physical, my blood sugar was a bit high and my good cholesterol was a bit low.  So, I need to get on track for my health.

Now I am going to move onto my balancing life goals.  My first goal is to get organized.  I needed to make a schedule for each day that balanced my home and my blogging/Band life.  I have used my email calendar to break out each day and so far it is working well.  I have stayed in track with my household goals and now that I have freed up some time, I can hopefully reach my blogging goals too, though I have not set a firm goal on that front yet.  I do need to figure it out because I would LOVE to get my writing out there so I can someday get paid for it but I wonder if that might be a pipe dream. I am concentrating on buying healthy snacks and keeping myself in check by using

I have a also set a financial goal.  We need to try to save money and reduce our (small, thankfully) debt. A recommend to visit this article about 4 Thrifty Ways to Save Money on the Whole Families Health, in my case it has helped me a lot to read about financial articles. Planning meals and sticking to grocery lists has really helped.  We have paid off quite a few things and will use our tax return to rebuild our safety cushion (which went down because we needed a whole new AC system last year).  When B gets his bonus, a small portion is budgeted for our beach vacation but the rest will be used to make an even bigger dent in the debt.  I have updated my financial Excel sheet and I am being diligent about looking for ways to save. But whenever there’s a shortage for our funds, I just try to borrow a few cash from my relatives from other countries and they send it to me through ofx when they learned about this top ofx review.

My last goal is to start thinking about what I want to be when I grow up.  Buggy will be starting Pre-K in the fall and I will (hopefully) go back to work in some capacity.  The issue is, I don’t know what I want to do.  I don’t want to go back into insurance.  I am looking into getting into the school system in some way and I also keep an eye on county jobs.  I have my resume out in a couple sites and I am on LinkedIn.  Hopefully, I will find something I can enjoy.

So, there you are…my 2012 goals.  I plan to keep my myself accountable with my weight loss on here so you will see more posts about that.  I plan to revisit all my goals in June and see where I am.  Hopefully, I will have made some headway!


Long Overdue Healthy Me Update


Yes, it is back to Healthy Me because B has kind of slacked off.  One issue is that he needs new sneakers so we need to get on that.  He did hit the treadmill a few times since he started working from home but that went out the window pretty fast.  Oh well.

I, on the other hand, have ramped it up.  Just about 8 weeks ago I started the Couch to 5k program.  I had started it a couple of times before but never followed through.  Not this time.  I downloaded the app to my phone and told myself there was no excuse not to start it.  I did have to repeat a couple weeks due to illness and a slight injury but I HAVE NOT given up.  And that is HUGE for me.  At first my goal was to exercise, in some form, 5 days a week but I haven’t always been able to keep that up.  I DO always manage the minimum of 3 times a week and most of the time, it’s 4.  I either do the C25K on the treadmill or the EA Active for Wii.  This weekend it is supposed to cool off quite a bit so I may try to squeeze in a couple of walks/jogs.  I keep track of ALL my calories on and allow myself a little leeway on the weekends.  Last I checked, I had lost 7 pounds but that was a couple weeks ago.  And the other day, I went in for a routine physical and the doctor’s scale put me at 4 pounds less than my home scale so I’ll be looking to buy a new scale.  In the meantime, I will just subtract 4 pounds from whatever my scale says.  My next weigh in is tomorrow.

I have to admit that I am really surprised at myself.  I mean, I was active in HS and college.  I ran track in HS but really only ran sprints and did the long jump.  I was never into distance running.  Heck, more often than not my teammates and I ran to MCDONALD’S rather than running through the neighborhoods around the school so I am really surprised that I am enjoying this.  I have a feeling I will enjoy it even more when it cools off and I can actually do it OUTSIDE.  I’m not sure what prompted me to start it and stick with it.  Usually after a week or so my lack of willpower kicks in and I just give up.  I have no idea what’s different now.  It’s really true what they say…after a few weeks it becomes a habit and just a part of your daily routine.    I’m not looking to run marathons or anything…just get my distance and speed up a little.  I would like to do a 5k to support cancer or breast cancer research but really, I want to do it for my health.  I just hope I can keep it up and set a good example for my girls.