Yesterday I blogged about my circle of online mom friends.  Today I would like to expand on my circle of online friends to include another group of women who have become a part of my everyday life.

Late last year I came across a blog called Mommy Wants Vodka.  I believe I found my way there from another blog but who knows.  Anyway, it’s the blog of a woman who calls herself Aunt Becky.  Becky has a penchant for four letter words and using phrases like “Amazeballs, ”  “Awesomesauce, ” and “Kick it in the taco!”  I was instantly smitten.  I stalked her blog daily for about a week and eventually made my way over to her blogroll.  Over there I found a few more great blogs including another one run by Becky called Band Back Together.  I think I was totally absorbed in BB2G for a good two or three days straight reading almost all the posts.

Becky started BB2G because she herself has faced some tough times.  Her oldest son was born autistic and her daughter was born with encephalopathy which required surgery within days of her birth.  Amelia is now a healthy, normal little girl but the experience left Becky with PTSD.  As one of the faces of mental illness, Becky felt the need to help others with her own brand of support and humor.  And so, BB2G was born in September 2010.
BB2G is more than a blog or web site…it’s a resource.  It’s a place where people who have suffered loss, illness, and other issues can come and share their stories without judgement.  The site includes a page of resources for everything and anything.  If you need info on suicide, miscarriage, etc., it’s right there at your fingertips.  And then there is The Band…it is a resource itself.  When you post on BB2G, you get love and support NO MATTER WHAT.  And you will often get more support than you know what to do with!

A few months ago, I became a Brain Behind The Band.  I help out behind the scenes with promotion, support, commenting and spreading news about BB2G on social media.  Through BB2G, my circle of online friends has grown.  I have never met a group of people more supportive of people they don’t know.  We have had people post when they are on the brink of suicide and we have helped pull them back from the edge.  We had had people with Postpartum Depression say on other support sites that BB2G is one of the only sites where they have found support….that they have felt ignored elsewhere.  To me, that is a HUGE testament to what BB2G does.  BB2G is trying to erase the stigma of things like mental illness and infertility…to encourage people to talk about these things and seek help.  And now, we are in the process of trying to make BB2G a nonprofit organization…one of the most kickass of ALL non profits, if you ask me!

Man, as I read over this, I don’t feel like I am doing The Band justice.  I’m not sure I can put into words what they do for people.  So I encourage you to visit us there.  Share your stories, support others and support the site that so many people turn to when they feel they have nowhere else to go.  I feel like the only way for you to see what we are is to go and see for yourself.  And I hope when you do, you will see why I am PROUD to be with The Band.