I knew it was going to fly. I can’t believe that 10 1/2 weeks went by that fast! We did keep ourselves busy with our vacation to the beach, trips to the water park, bowling and a short trip to Disney. Maybe that is part of the reason it went by so fast.

L started second grade today. She LOVES school and is always sad the school year ends. A couple weeks ago, I took her shopping. Unlike her mom, she LOVES skirts and dresses. Even though we live in a state where it’s quite warm most of the year, there are still dress codes so we had to be careful what she picked out. But she was perfectly happy to pick out a bunch of shirts with different prints on them and skirts (of a reasonable length) to match. She got new dressy shoes and two new pairs of sneakers which is what she wears almost daily to school. We spent a small fortune on her supplies. I think next year I may just bite the bullet and spend the couple of extra bucks to have the school do it for us. It seems SO much easier.

To me, the kids find out who their teachers are really late. I swear we used to find out who we had the next year on the last day of school. Maybe that has changed because of budget cuts and teachers moving around more. I don’t know. I went on the school web site a week ago to see when Meet The Teacher Night would be and found out it was that Friday. I knew that meant we would get a call from the teacher soon and sure enough, on Thursday her teacher called. She seemed really nice on the phone and my neighbor across the street described her as “really, really sweet.” And she definitely was sweet when we met her on Friday. She has a daughter in middle school and a 3 year old so she was also very nice to A. She thanked us for the supplies and gave us a little fun homework to work on this week…a bag of 4 things that describe L…things she likes, etc. L has already come up wth a few things to put in it. She also told us that this is the first year of actual letter grades so we will be making some new rules for Linaea regarding televison watching and video game playing. Last year they did get percentages on their progress reports and L was always in the B+ to A range so I’m not real worried but I still want her to understand how important school is.

This morning L was up and dressed before we were, complete with earrings and necklace. She had a nice healthy breakfast (WW Bagel Thin with PB and some berries plus a glass of milk) and I packed her a nice lunch (LF ham on a WW pita with lettuce, tomato and a bit of mayo, grapes, some Goldfish and a 100% juice Capri Sun). She packed up her puppy backpack and was ready to go. She looked so grown up! She wanted us to walk her to her classroom so we did, but we also told her this would be the last year we did that. She hugged us all good-bye and sat down on the floor to wait. She had a huge smile on her face. I don’t think I ever remember being that happy to go back to school except for maybe in college!

So, our summer if over. Sure, we have plenty of warm weather left…it IS Florida after all but we are back intot he school year and a new routine. It feels kind of good!