I’m just going to come out and say it…I HATE housework.  I do it, of course but I drag my feet and stuff piles up and that makes me hate it even more.  It’s a vicious cycle.  But I am TRYING to get better about it…to stay on top of it more and still have time for other stuff.

When B and I first moved in together, cleaning was done on Saturday mornings.  We lived in an apartment so there wasn’t much to clean.  We did have 4 cats and plenty of carpet so there was a lot of vacuuming that needed to be done.  We moved to another apartment and that schedule continued.  In fact, it continued until we moved into our house and had kids.  By that time, we had traded a lot of the carpet for hardwood floors so it looked like we had a family of bunnies living in the house.  And of course, with kids, things got messier,  We soon found that since we both worked, we spent most of at least one day on the weekend cleaning and not spending it with our kids. Don’t get me wrong…we didn’t let the place turn into a pigsty during the week.  We picked up the clutter and did quick wipe downs.  But our deep cleaning came on the weekend and it SERIOUSLY cut into our family time.  So, for a little while, we had a girl come once a week to clean.  Then she started to come once every  weeks.  And then we needed the money for other things so she had to go and we were back to spending a weekend day cleaning.

When we moved to FL and decided I would stay home, I had visions of having certain chores done on certain days and B coming home to a spotless house.  Ummm, yeah…with 2 kids home with me during the say and one of them just over a year old, that didn’t exactly happen, for one reason or another.  But, now the kids are older and they can pitch in a bit so I am again trying to work our some kind of schedule.

I Googled “house chores schedule” and found a ton of resources.  Ummm, OK, as I’m typing this, I realize how silly it must sound but, I’m not sure how else to approach it.  I think what I will have to do is work on assigning chores to each day and see how it goes…unless anyone else has other suggestions!  At this point I’m pen to anything!