I’ll be honest and say that I’ve fallen off the wagon quite a few times.  I know I need to recommit but as usual, my willpower sucks and I haven’t been able to.  I haven’t GAINED any weight but I haven’t lost any either.  I’m not going to make excuses because frankly, there aren’t any aside from my lack of willpower which has ALWAYS been an issue.

I think a main problem is social drinking.  My friend Laura, who works with my husband, is also from CT and she often comes over to watch UConn games with us.  She brings something to eat and I make some kind of appetizer and we usually have a few drinks.  Now, what we eat usually isn’t too bad.  Lots of times she brings a veggie platter and I make something fairly healthy.  But then the drinks kill it.  And last weekend, we wound up across the sgtreet at the neighbors’ house which led to me going out to a bar with my neighbor and drinking even more than I usually do (which I paid for the next day…I’m not 25 anymore!).

Last week my hubby announced that maybe he would go on a diet with me.  His weight has creeped up and so has his cholesterol.  Now, like I said before, whatever I do will be a lifestyle change so I only considered things that would lead to that.  So,  I had to sit down and think what would be best for us to do together.  I’ve done the South Beach Diet with success but then I remembered we would be having houseguests several times over the next month and a half so that night be too hard to stick too.  So, we settled on the old Weight Watchers Core program.  I have the food lists and most of the info.  When he got home from work that day, I showed him the food list and he was surprised at what was on it.  I explained those things could be eaten without limit (aside from a couple of carbs that are limited to how many servings you can have a day) and that we’d have to count points for anything not on the list like alcohol.  I explained the flex points you get for the week as well as exercise points.  We talked about cutting back on what we usually drink (martinis for him and wine for me) and came up with some low point alternatives.  We set a start date of Valentine’ Day because he is in CA for most of this week on business.  I figured I would take that time to take inventory of what we had and to try to get rid of some of the junk in the house and stock up on some healthy stuff.

So, this past weekend I made sure to be better about my choices and in limiting drinks.  We did go to Wendy’s one night but I had skipped lunch that day and we looked at it as sort of a farewell to that kind of food (not that we go out for fast food often AT ALL).  We didn’t drink much at all…not even yesterday for the Super Bowl.  The fact that he had to leave EARLY this morning helped with that.  And the chili I made to eat during the game actually came from a Weight Watchers recipe blog and was pretty much all Core ingredients.

Today I started getting rid of the junk.  I was surprised that we didn’t really have much around.  I’ll keep things like Goldfish, etc. on hand for the kids but I am going to try to stock up on fruits and veggies for snacks.  I’ll make a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on allowed grains, etc. (barley, quinoa, WW couscous…things like that) and maybe some lentils and dried beans too plus some seafood.  I’ll use this as an opportunity to try new recipes too.  I’ll plan my meals and shop only according to that.  I’ll stock up on stuff for salads for lunch for both of us.  We both like salad with a bit of protein on it.  I’ll also make a trip to the gourmet shop to get meat.  They sell natural, grain fed meat and their stuff always looks MUCH leaner than the stuff sold at the grocery store or Costco.  I’m willing to pay a little more for better looking meat that I know the source of.  One of hubby’s big worries was his daily trip to Dunkin Donuts but he already started ordering his coffee with skim milk and Splenda and he’s drinking it that way at home too.

Since it’s just the girls and me this week, I’ll probably eat a lot of salads for dinner.  I do have healthy meals planned like baked chicken tenders and sweet potato fries but some are a little less healthy so while I may sample a little bit, I’ll try to load up on salad.  I bought some pears for snacks and I have some clementines and grapefruit too.  I plan to start taking my steps this week so I can be ready to start on Monday.

I think with both of us doing this we may see more results than if we were doing it alone.  Wish us luck!