Summer Break and Schedules


The last day of school here was June 1.  The next couple of days were spent preparing to leave for vacation and from the 4th to the 11th, we were on vacation.  That means this past Monday was really our first REAL day of summer break.  Over the course of this week the girls played school played out in front of our house with their bikes and scooters, read together, colored, swam in the pool, went to the splash park and watched movies together.  None of this was organized or scheduled and that’s just kind of how I roll and I am starting to wonder if I should change how I roll.

When my kids were both first born, I worked full time.  Our weekends were spent spending time together as a family.  We had a pool so we swam and cooked out during the summer.  The kids played in the yard and we occasionally went on little excursions.  But mostly we just enjoyed time together.  The girls got plenty of socialization at day care so I wasn’t really worried about that.  I didn’t worry about play dates or anything like that.  Frankly, we didn’t really have the time!

When we moved to FL, we decided I would stay home.  Both our rental house and the house we live in now have pools and are on safe, quiet streets.  The kids would swim or we’d go to the park.  They would play out in front of our house with their scooters and bikes.  We eventually got annual passes to Disney so we would do that when it wasn’t too hot.  Linnaea hasn’t shown much interst in any activities so we’ve waited on those.  Eventually we got to know out neighbors more and the kids started playing together but it was usually a spur of the moment type thing.  And despite Alexa spending most of her time with me, her socialization skills were just fine.

But more and more, I have started to wonder if I should change how I do things.  When I moved to FL, I had a friend from middle school who had lived here in town for years.  Now, I knew we had become different people but once I got here, I realized just how different.  She constantly had her kids on the go…play dates, excursions, you name it.  But at the same time, she was a slave to her kids poor sleeping habits which, frankly, were her own fault. She also developed ailments because of her kids’ habits, but she once told me that she bought this product off of the internet and she’d have temporary relief. I know, I know some kids have legitimate sleep issues but in this case, she created these monsters.  She is also a “helicopter parent.”  The combination of these things make me a little nuts.  Oh, and once the weather gets warm, she pretty much refuses to take her kids out to do any outdoor activities.  Heck, they have a pool they pretty much never use.  We’re in ours all the time and our kids still play outside and go to the park even in the summer.  I could go on and on but I’ll stop here.  So, needless to say we’ve drifted apart and I have found friends whose parenting and social interests are a little more like mine.

But now that summer is here again and I know more people, even other moms I know seem to have a schedule of what they plan to do every week.  And by schedule I mean they say “Well on Monday we’re going to go to the splash park and on Tuesday we’ll do this and on Wednesday we’ll do that.”  Maybe I’m the weird one?  I mean, I plan to do all those things at some point during the week but for most of them, I’m not going to pin myself down to a day.  Is that strange?  Should I be more regimented?  Am I hurting my kids?  I’m starting to second guess myself and I don’t like it.
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Summer Is Here


Yes, I realize that the title of this post alone will be enough to piss some of you in the North off.  But here in that Sunshine State, summer is here in full force.  It’s in the 90s most days and the humidity is starting to kick in.  My hair LOVES that.  Our AC bit the dust last week so they came and installed a new one.  Holy $$$$$ Batman!  Luckily, my generous in-laws helped us out so we won’t have to eat pasta and hot dogs for the next few months.  If we’re careful, we may even still be able to take an anniversary trip in October.  There is NO WAY we could have lived without AC for any amount of time so we really had no choice.  It’s only going to get hotter!

Linnaea only has 12 days of school left.  I can’t believe it.  She gets out June 1.  Her last 3 days are early dismissal too.  On the 4th we head off on what has become our annual beach vacation to Englewood Beach.  We stay here.  We stay in one of the ocean front condos.  We’re staying in the same one we stayed in last year.  Hubby and I were introduced to this little slice of heaven in 1999.  A woman I worked with at my first insurance job owned one of the condos there.  So, at the end of May that year she let us use it.  It’s not a tourist trap…never crowded and the beach is GREAT!  I’m partial to the Gulf when it comes to Florida beaches.  The Atlantic beaches just aren’t as nice and they are WAY more dangerous.  We liked it so much, we went back the next year.  Once we moved to Florida, we couldn’t wait to start going there again since it was now only 3 hours away by car.  So, last year was out first year.  The condo was awesome…the view was AWESOME and the girls had a BLAST.  As soon as I got home, I booked the same condo for this year.  The girls can’t wait to go back.  Having spent my summers on Cape Cod, I’m glad we have a place to go where my girls can have the same experience.

After vacation we’ll have to deal with L’s birthday party.  I need to decide what weekend to have it.  I suppose I should get on that.  And then there will be her actual birthday.  And of course I’ll need to start entertaining both girls everyday.  My neighbor who is a good friend was recently laid off and her daughter is L’s good friend so we’re hoping to do stuff together like the splash park and the free movie.  I have another friend moving down here in June and she’s pregnant so she may want to come hang out by our pool…she’s going to be MISERABLE in a month or so.  I’ll sign up for the Kids Bowl Free Program too.  We may do Disney a couple times before it gets REALLY hot.  And of course they love to go in the pool.  I’m still dreading it.  It’s so hard to keep them entertained in my own!

And of course the 4th of July will be here soon as well as hubby’s birthday.  I am sure it will just fly by and before I know it, it will be time for school to stat again.  I love summer…I always have.  And even though the heat here can be INSANE, I’d rather have that than winter ANY DAY!

Englewood on Dwellable

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Healthy Us Update


Well, I have to be honest, with all of our visitors between February and now, we did get a bit off track.  I did make sure to plan meals for everyone’s visits but when my sister and BIL come, well it’s the drinking that gets a bit out of control.  Thankfully, that’s not too often.  Right before all this, I had lost 5 pounds thanks to the healthy snacks the vending machines Brisbane has and I am proud to say that I have kept that off even with all the company.  That gave me quite a bit of confidence.

Then, last week, someone on a message board I frequent proposed a 90 day challenge.  You made up what your challenge was and we’d check in with our results.  We’d do weight and measurement comparisons at 30, 60 and 90 days.  She started on Friday but I waited until Monday.  That will bring me to around July 1.  Now, our beach vacation will fall in there but I can take a week off or extend my end date by a week, I also use the ones from this Gluconite reviews, I read them and found so many useful things for a healthy lifestyle.  Plus, we tend to eat pretty healthy as a rule, I just know the tropical drinks may be ramped up that week.

I will log ALL food and water.  I will stay within my recommended calories on http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ and I will drink 100 oz. of water and take my vitamins and calcium.  I will count all alcoholic drink points and try to stick to mocktails when I can. I will also try to get 20 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week.  Luckily we have a treadmill and I have a Wii so I can get some variety.

I have been sticking to my promise of planning meals and going to Whole Foods and the gourmet shop for bulk items, veggies, meat, seafood, and my favorite salt and pepper shakers, I love them!.  I am going to start scouring my cookbooks, food blogs and web site for new healthy recipes to try.  We both already love our allowed version of risotto, barley risotto.  It’s SO good and SO versatile.  I make a salad almost every night for dinner and I make extra for hubby to take for lunch the next day.  So we have fallen into a bit of a healthy groove since we started using fruit and veg delivery melbourne. The farmers market will start getting good stuff now too so we can go there for fruits and veggies.

I think we are off to a good start and I think this challenge is what I needed.  I will try to update weekly and if anyone wants to join in, let me know…maybe we can do an email check in.


My Views On Religion


I am going to preface this by saying these are JUST my views and I get that others don’t agree.  I have no desire to get into any type of debate.  If you’re religius, more power to you…I have no issue with that as long as you don’t jam it down my throat.

With that being said, I consider myself agnostic.  I believe there probably is a being up there somewhere but I don’t believe in the Christian God.  I was raised Roman Catholic.  And honestly, even though I was forced to go to CCD, make my First Communion and my Confirmation, I’m not sure I can say I EVER believed what I was supposed to believe.  And as time went on and my thinking got more scientific, my belief went from little to none.  I believe the Bible is just a book, maybe even a work of fiction, written with no divine intervention.  I believe there MAY have been a man named Jesus but I don’t believe he was the son of God or that her perfromed miracles or raised the dead.  My guess is that he was probably mentally ill.

Now, I will admit that I have gone back and forth at times.  And I think my main issue is that I do not believe that any kind and benevolent God, as Christians say theirs is, would allow people to endure the termendous PAIN that I and others I know have endured.  Yeah, yeah, I get that he thought we should have “struggles” but after a while, it gets a little ridiculous.  I also find it convenient that some Christians who say in one breath he is kind and benevoloent say in the next breath that he hates gays and will make them burn in hell.  HUH???!!!  It makes no sense to me.

I’ll go with my own experiences first.  As some of you know, I have suffered 4 pregnancy losses.  Two were in between my girls and fairly early.  Then after my youngest, I had a loss at around 15 weeks and then I delivered a stillborn baby at 18 weeks about a year and a half ago.  On top of that, a few months after that loss, I lost one of my beloved kitties, then we had had a flood in our bedroom and master bathroom and then I lost my SECOND beloved kitty very unexpectedly.  Christian like to say God never gives us more than we can handle but COME ON.  My dreams of what my family would be were GONE.  After my last loss I couldn’t try again.  I had always wanted 3 kids and that dream was gone.  I guess in some people’s eyes maybe I was being punished but really?  For WHAT??  NOTHING I could have ever donw would make me deserve all of THAT!

When I was in between my last 2 losses, I came across a blog about a baby names Kayleigh Ann Freeman.  If you Google her, you’ll find a blog and other information on her and her family.  She was born very prematurely with several health problems but she seemed like a fighter.  Her parents were devout Christians who felt they had been “saved”and that whatever happened was God’s will.  Kayleigh had one last surgery that was supposed to save her.  She was SUPPOSED to go home but someting went wrong.  Oxygen was cut off from her brain for too long…they don’t know how or why and little Kayleigh was bascially brain dead.  I have never understood WHY Kayleigh’s story affected me the way it did but I found myself crying for her most nights.  And when she died, I was heartbroken for her parents and for her siblings from her mother’s first marriage.  But they had their faith and it seemed to get them through.  The VERY weekend after Kayleigh died, I found out I was pregnant that last time.  I saw butterflies and I started to believe a bit because her father thought they embodied her spirit.  I THOUGHT maybe that was a good sign.  Well, we all know how THAT turned out.  And I decided for the last time that there was no GOD,  And I later found out how it turned out for her family.  Her father left her mother and is now involved with someone else.  So much for being “saved.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen people be at the brink of death and live. But for every blog or story I hear about something like THAT, it seems I hear more stories of pain.  Just a little over a week ago came another loss that to me, was a double whammy.  Our family lost my husband’s 29 year old cousin…who had been married less than a year…and who had a baby on the way in less than 7 weeks.  He had been battling cancer for years and his wife knew the deal when she married him.  She is STRONG but why not let him hang on to celebrate his anniversary and meet his some?  Why take him from his family at THAT time??  I guess there are just too many “WHY’S” and no real answers and that’s why I just don’t believe.


Healthy Me (Which Has Turned to Us) Project Update


I’ll be honest and say that I’ve fallen off the wagon quite a few times.  I know I need to recommit but as usual, my willpower sucks and I haven’t been able to.  I haven’t GAINED any weight but I haven’t lost any either.  I’m not going to make excuses because frankly, there aren’t any aside from my lack of willpower which has ALWAYS been an issue.

I think a main problem is social drinking.  My friend Laura, who works with my husband, is also from CT and she often comes over to watch UConn games with us.  She brings something to eat and I make some kind of appetizer and we usually have a few drinks.  Now, what we eat usually isn’t too bad.  Lots of times she brings a veggie platter and I make something fairly healthy.  But then the drinks kill it.  And last weekend, we wound up across the sgtreet at the neighbors’ house which led to me going out to a bar with my neighbor and drinking even more than I usually do (which I paid for the next day…I’m not 25 anymore!).

Last week my hubby announced that maybe he would go on a diet with me.  His weight has creeped up and so has his cholesterol.  Now, like I said before, whatever I do will be a lifestyle change so I only considered things that would lead to that.  So,  I had to sit down and think what would be best for us to do together.  I’ve done the South Beach Diet with success but then I remembered we would be having houseguests several times over the next month and a half so that night be too hard to stick too.  So, we settled on the old Weight Watchers Core program.  I have the food lists and most of the info.  When he got home from work that day, I showed him the food list and he was surprised at what was on it.  I explained those things could be eaten without limit (aside from a couple of carbs that are limited to how many servings you can have a day) and that we’d have to count points for anything not on the list like alcohol.  I explained the flex points you get for the week as well as exercise points.  We talked about cutting back on what we usually drink (martinis for him and wine for me) and came up with some low point alternatives.  We set a start date of Valentine’ Day because he is in CA for most of this week on business.  I figured I would take that time to take inventory of what we had and to try to get rid of some of the junk in the house and stock up on some healthy stuff.

So, this past weekend I made sure to be better about my choices and in limiting drinks.  We did go to Wendy’s one night but I had skipped lunch that day and we looked at it as sort of a farewell to that kind of food (not that we go out for fast food often AT ALL).  We didn’t drink much at all…not even yesterday for the Super Bowl.  The fact that he had to leave EARLY this morning helped with that.  And the chili I made to eat during the game actually came from a Weight Watchers recipe blog and was pretty much all Core ingredients.

Today I started getting rid of the junk.  I was surprised that we didn’t really have much around.  I’ll keep things like Goldfish, etc. on hand for the kids but I am going to try to stock up on fruits and veggies for snacks.  I’ll make a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on allowed grains, etc. (barley, quinoa, WW couscous…things like that) and maybe some lentils and dried beans too plus some seafood.  I’ll use this as an opportunity to try new recipes too.  I’ll plan my meals and shop only according to that.  I’ll stock up on stuff for salads for lunch for both of us.  We both like salad with a bit of protein on it.  I’ll also make a trip to the gourmet shop to get meat.  They sell natural, grain fed meat and their stuff always looks MUCH leaner than the stuff sold at the grocery store or Costco.  I’m willing to pay a little more for better looking meat that I know the source of.  One of hubby’s big worries was his daily trip to Dunkin Donuts but he already started ordering his coffee with skim milk and Splenda and he’s drinking it that way at home too.

Since it’s just the girls and me this week, I’ll probably eat a lot of salads for dinner.  I do have healthy meals planned like baked chicken tenders and sweet potato fries but some are a little less healthy so while I may sample a little bit, I’ll try to load up on salad.  I bought some pears for snacks and I have some clementines and grapefruit too.  I plan to start taking my steps this week so I can be ready to start on Monday.

I think with both of us doing this we may see more results than if we were doing it alone.  Wish us luck!


The Flood


As of tomorrow, I will finally have my bedroom back.  No, I didn’t lose it but it had not been itself in almost 6 months as the result of a bathroom flood.  What a mess.  I guess I should start from the beginning.

My husband has a handful of emplyees in his company’s Sacramento, CA office.  He has to tavel out there at least twice a year, usually for about 5 days at a time.  This past August, he sceduled his trip fr the week after school started.  Our oldest was starting frst grade and we figured she would adjust to that just fine.  So, on a Tuesday morning, off he went.

Somewhere around midmorning, I went to use our master bathroom.  As I went to ull my my shorts up, I noticed they were wet.  There was water on the floor all around the toilet.  “Oh shit,” I thought.  I tried to flush and saw that not everything ewas going down (luckily all I had done was pee).  I tried to flush again and noticed that it seemed water was coming out from under the toilet.  I sent dear hubby an angry text accusing him of leaving me a clogged toilet (not too far fetched…he’s done it before!).  He replied that it was fine when he left that morning.  I threw some towels on teh floor and decided to come back later with the plunger, after the water had gone down a bit.

Fast forward an hour or 2.  I go back to the bathroom to see even MORE water on the floor…inching toward the door.  What the…???  Then I noticed yucky water backed up into the tub and the shower.  I went into the kids’ bathroom and saw water backed up in their tub too.  That’s when I knew it was more than a clogged toilet.

This is the point wher everything kind of becomes a blur.  More water came into the master bath so I called a plumber.  He diagnosed a clog in our main drain as well as a broken fange ont eh toilet which is why the water wound up on the floor.  There would have been  NO damage to the floor if that damn flange hadn;t been broken.  he called a water restoration company for me to clean up the mess.  I had to get the kids fed and occupied in teh middle of all this and I still hadn’t taken a shower.  I was also freaking out abouthow much this was going to cost since we had just paid an unexpected expnse due to our AC crapping out.

The water restoration were there until 11 at night.  apparently the guy who had innitially come to take a look had told his people it was a clean water leak from the toilet…like the valve had ben open. Ummmm, no  SO they had to get more supplies.  When they left at 11, there were 2 HUGE fans inour bedroom alone with 2 dehumidifiers.  I was not going to be sleeping in there.  I finally took a shower in the kids’ bathroom, blew up the Aerobed and went to bed.

Hubby ended up flying home the next day.  The insurance bguy told us we might have a cap on how much we would be paid becuase it was considered sewer water (it wasn’t).  That freaked me out all over again.  We got even more freaked out when the adjuster came and told us he had never heard of a cap like that.

In the end our bathroom vanity had to be ripped out along with all the flooring in our closet and more than half the flooring in our bedroom.  They also had to cut out drywall a foot hight in the whole bathroom and into the hall and bedroom.  It was 2 weeks before we could sleep in our bedroom again.  We investigated and found out the cap we had was due toa rider that was pretty much required here in FL (not sure why the adjuster didn’t know that) so we were srill worried about paying for it all.  But then, we got some greatr news. The insurance company did NOT consider the flood a sewer backup and we would paid the full amount estimated by our adjuster.  The claims person could not beleive I had been told otherwise.  I was kind of shocked too.  I had worked in insurance and you NEVER give out infi when the claim is initially called in because you don’t have all the facts.  This guy had freaked me out unnecessarily.

So now we had to take the steps to put everything back together.  First we had the water restoration people come and replace the drywall.  then we had to order a vanilty and wait for that to be installed.  Once that was installed, we had to order the counter.  In the middle of all this, hubby had to paint the bathroom.  Finally, a couple days before Christmas, we had our bathroom back.  now it was time to get the bedroom in order.

Hubby started painting.  Once that was done, we went and ordered our flooring.  Almost 2 weeks passed and we wondered why we hadn’t gotten a call that it was in.  Then the installers called saying that they had a note that we were supposed to pick up the flooring on Jan. 30.  Ummm, no one told us that.  Finally someone from the store called and said that the flooring had been in stock all along.  Ummm, WHAT?????  NO ONE TOLD US THAT!  WE could have had this floor installed like 2 weeks ago!  I was PISSED.  So, hubby went and picked up the flooring.  Today I finished pulling up the rest of the old flooring and tonight we’ll move all the furniture out.  Tomorrow they will come to install our new floor.  And tomorrow, we will have our bedroom back.  It’s about damn time!


Ugh…I Need A Do Over


One thing I have learned about myself is if I want to eat healthy, I have to plan out my meals.  Each week I make a dinner menu based on what meats or fish I have in the freezer and at my weekly grocery store trip, I buy whatever I need for veggies or sides to go with those meals.  I also need to have an idea each morning of what I will eat for my other meals.  I have found this is what works best for until…well a wrench gets thrown into things like yesterday.

What started the downhill spiral was hubby working from home.  That ALWAYS throws me off because I feel like I have to be DOING something constantly.  He is like his mother…he can’t sit still during the day for any amount of time.  He has to be DOING something…cleaning, stuff in the yard, painting, etc.  I am WAY different.  I tend to do things in spurts but everything STILL gets done.  But you wouldn’t think that by the way he talks.  So, that just started my day off wrong and it went downhill from there.

I made myself a decent breakfast (whole wheat English Muffin with almond butter and a couple kiwis).  As I sat down to eat it, he appeared and asked why I didn’t make him anything.  Ummm, because I’m not a mind reader and you DIDN’T ASK ME TO!  It’s bad enough that almost everyday my 3 year old appears and wants to hijack my breakfast…now I had him hovering too.

We had planned to hit Best Buy yesterday because my laptop was falling apart and he wanted to finally get his outdoor speakers.  I wanted to go at lunch time but NOOOOO…he had to “work.”  I put that in quotes because he had already walked around the house like 4 times saying he didn’t feel like doing anything and then he went to take a shower.  Yeah, he was working hard.  So I asked him if he could log off at a decent time so we weren’t eating dinner late.  We also has rough weather on the way too and I didn’t want to get stuck in that.  But he hemmed and hawed and said he couldn’t guaratee anything.  So now I was annoyed.  I threw some laundry in and played with my 3 year old.  I lost track of time so my plans for lunch went out the window.  I heated up some leftover chicken but I didn’t end up eating much before I had to go pick up my older daughter from school.

So, I went and got my daughter and when we got home we did her homeowrk together.  By that time I was STARVING and THAT was when hubby-dear decided it was time to go to BestBuy and we had to go NOW because the bad weather was on the way.  So, I quickly cut up an apple, threw it in a bag and off we went.

Now naturally, this trip to Best Buy did NOT turn out the way I wanted it too.  Fist of all, the traffic geting there was nuts.  It took us twice as long as it normally does.  When I got there, I found someone to help me and told her what I wa looking for.  She recommended a certain laptop.  It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but we decided to go for it anyway.  Well, they didn’t have that one…and neither did any of the stores close by.  And they didn’t know when they would be getting more in.  Lovely.  So, she points out another option…cheaper but it still had most of what I was looking for.  Perfect.  Guess what?  They didn’t have that either.  One of the stores nearby had one but it was getting late and I REALLY needed a replacement.  So hubby points out another one.  It’s smaller than what I wanted but the internal parts were the same as the one I originally wanted.  And it was much cheaper.  OK, we’ll try this again.  There was one on the floor that had the setup done…anti-virus added, junk taken off, etc., which was $70.  So off she went to see if they had a bare bones one.  Guess what?  Yup, you guessed it…they didn’t.  Well, they did have 3 more according to the computer but she couldn’t find them and she was guessing they all had the setup done too.  OK, fine, this computer is cheaper so I’ll take the setup.  She took the conputer off to the front while we went to get hubby’s speakers.  Luckily THAT only took 5 minutes compared to the almost an hour it took to find a damn computer.  So, we took those to the front, checked out and off we went.

We left the plaza where Best Buy is and headed right into the bad weather.  And when I say bad weather I mean 50 mile an hour winds, rain and tornado warnings.  Traffic was a NIGHTMARE and it wasn’t even raining where we were yet.  We got to the University of Central Florida and hubby got the brilliant idea to cut through the campus to get home…right around 6…and UCF had cancelled classes after 6.  You can see where this is going.  Everyone and their mother was leaving the campus.  Great idea, dear.  As we left the campus, the rain started to come down.  Good thing we only live 5 minutes from the school.  We get home and our tornado sirens are going off at the nearby park and our weather radio is blaring in the house.  Lovely.  Plus, our dog HATES thunder and lightening so I expected to be cleaning up after her.  Well, for once, she behaved herself.  By now it was about 6:30 and I needed to start dinner and I was STARVING.  We didn’t eat until aftrer 7 and I, of course, ate too much because of the events of the day that led up to me being starving.  UGH UGH UGH!

So, today is a new day and I need a do over.  I am not beating myaelf up over yesterday.  I have my plan for today and I WILL stick to it….that’s all I can do.


My Healthy Me Project


I’m just going to come out and say it…I’m FAT.  My BMI falls into the obese category though I don’t believe BMI to be an accurate calculation for these things.  I was turned down for life insurance through my hubby’s employer and THAT my friends, was a wake up call.

I was thin my whole childhood.  My mom generally cooked healthy things.  We never had white bread and she didn’t buy many sweets or garbage cereals.  She tried to instill good eating habits in us and I think that’s part of the reason I stayed so thin…that and running track and having a high metabolism!  A bad breakup in high school caused me to become TOO skinny.  I look at my senior prom pictures and wonder how I didn’t see it then.  I went off to college and gained a bit TOO much but I lost a little and settled in at a comfortable, healthy weight for the next several years.  I worked retail right after college and stayed slim.  Then, I got an office job and the pounds started to pile on.  I lost 10 pounds before my wedding and stayed at the weight for a little while but a desk job and comfortable life took it’s toll.  And then I had 2 kids plus 4 miscarriages so that’s a total of 6 pregnancies.  I would have to lose 75 pounds to get to where I was when I got married and even THAT weight is considered overweight for my height BUT I was comfortable at that weight and I think I looked good.  My husband tells me he loves me the way I am but this is about ME.  It’s about ME not being happy with the way I look and ME not being healthy.  He could stand to lose a few pounds too and be more healthy but I figure I’ll tackle one thing at a time.

So, after the insurance wake up call, I am taking steps to become more healthy.  I am NOT going to call it a diet because that’s not really what it is…it’s a lifestyle change.  My goal is to become more healthy and STAY that way and a side effect of that will be to lose weight.

After several different ways of eating I am going to take an approach that mimics the old Weight Watchers Core plan.  It focuses on whole grains, fruits and veggies.  It pretty much follows the food pyramid which I will also use as an aid.  I had already made a lot of those changes but would still veer off track a little more than I should, especially on the weekends.  So, my goal is to have only ONE day a week where I get off track.  I firmly believe that if you deprive yourself of everything bad, you will only fail.  So, I will allow myself my one glass of wine a night, if I want it.  I’m going to ramp up my water intake and watch my portions.  I’m going to stay away from processed crap.

One thing I have learned over the years is if I try to change too much at once, I get frustrated and quit because I get overwhelmed.  They say you need to make things a habit and generally, it takes 21 days for that to happen.  So, tackling my eating will be my first step.  Once I get those habits firmly in place, I’ll add the exercise in.  Luckily, I have plenty of options for exercise.  I’m lucky to live in Florida where the weather is nice enough in the winter and early spring to walk outside.  We have a treadmill for when it’s too hot or rainy to walk outside.  I also have a Wii and the EA Active and we have Exercise On Demand on our cable system.  I get Self magazine which often has great toning exercises which need no equipment.  I have signed up at www.myfitnesspal.com and added the App to my Droid.  I’ll use that to track my eating, exercising and weight.  I have also added RunKeeper to my Droid to track my exercise.  I was even able to upgrade to RunKeeper Pro for free and that made it even better.

I have already lost 5 pounds with the small changes I have made already.  So, like I said, that leaves 75 pounds to lose.  I am going to allow myself a little treat for every 10 pounds lost though I haven’t decided what it will be.  And I’ll update here so you can all hold me accountable.  I need all the support I can get!


Where Do I Start?


I’m assuming a lot of people reading this already know me.  But in case you don’t here’s the rundown on me.  I am a stay at home mom of 2 daughters.  L is 6 and in first grade and A (or Buggy, as we call her) is 3 (today!).  We currently live outside Orlando but we are originally from CT.  We moved to the Orlando area in February 2009 after my husband, B, accepted a job in his company’s Orlando area office.  Before we moved, I also worked but Florida’s lower cost of living enabled me to stay home…at least for now.

I am also a multiple miscarriage…survivor?  Is that the right word?  I have lost 4 precious babies.  Two were lost in between my girls and two were lost after Buggy.  I always wanted at least 3 children but after my last loss, at 18 week, which resulted in me having to give birth to a stillborn baby in a new state away from family, we decided our family of four would have to do.  It’s a decision my HEAD understood but my heart…not so much. I still wonder if I’ll find enough to write about but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! But for new moms here are some tips for giving your baby a bath.

I love being a mom.  I love my girls more than anything and its much easier to take care of them with the Kidz geek info on new gadgets for child care like baby walkers you can get online.  But, like any mom, I have days when I just don’t know how to handle everything.  Like most moms, I struggle in different areas.  So, I started this blog…to journal the everyday life of a NORMAL mom.

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